Zaroob is now in Jeddah, Tahlia Street!

ZAROOB literally translates to “small alley.” It is a concept inspired by the traditional street food vendors found around the Levant region.

Thanks to a large sign bearing green and pink neon lights, Zaroob, an independent restaurant that started on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, serving Levant-style street food, is hard to miss. Once inside, the interior lives up to the exterior: it's bright, modern, quirky, ever so slightly eccentric, and all the better for it.


Graffiti artwork covers the large corrugated iron walls, and tall wooden shelves display a selection of condiments.

The menu is extensive and offers all the yummy Arabic dishes we know – hummus, falafel, halloumi, saj bread, shawarma, man'oushe – in pure form and also with a twist. Prices are very reasonable and the dishes are quite small, providing the perfect opportunity for ordering a selection and sharing.


We had the chance to try a few dishes that were ready to be prepared during the dry run phase. The sausages (naqaneq) with Pomegranate Molasse (Debs El Romman) was outstanding! Salads like Tabbouleh and Fattoush tasted of freshness because as we learned from the team is that all veggies are bought and cut daily and never kept from the day before. We also got to try the fresh bakery: Cheese “Akkawi” wraps, steak wraps, and chicken wraps. After tasting so many similar concepts in Jeddah, we can taste when a proper dough is used! Hats off to Zaroob! Definitely, this will be a new hot spot for Jeddawis and Jeddah visitors alike!